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Technical SEO

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Enhance your website’s visibility and performance with our comprehensive Technical SEO Audit Package. Our team of experienced SEO professionals will conduct a thorough analysis of your website’s technical elements to identify and resolve any issues that might be hindering your search engine rankings. By addressing these technical aspects, you can improve your website’s crawl ability, indexability, and overall search engine optimization.


  • Website Crawl Analysis – Our experts will perform an in-depth crawl analysis of your website to identify any crawl errors, broken links, or other issues that may be preventing search engines from properly indexing your content.
  • XML Sitemap Optimization – We will review and optimize your XML sitemap to ensure it accurately represents your website’s structure and provides search engines with clear instructions for crawling and indexing your pages.
  • Robots.txt Evaluation – Our team will examine your robots.txt file to ensure it is properly configured to allow search engines access to the relevant areas of your website while blocking unnecessary or sensitive sections.
  • Page Speed Assessment – We will assess your website’s loading speed and provide recommendations to optimize it for faster performance, as page speed is a crucial factor in search engine rankings and user experience.
  • Mobile-Friendliness Check – Our experts will evaluate your website’s mobile compatibility and responsiveness to ensure it meets the requirements of modern search engine algorithms, considering the increasing number of mobile searches.
  • Canonicalization Audit – We will examine your website’s use of canonical tags to eliminate any duplicate content issues that could negatively impact your search engine rankings.
  • Structured Data Review – Our team will analyze your website’s implementation of structured data markup to help search engines understand the context and relevance of your content, potentially leading to enhanced search result displays.
  • URL Structure Analysis – We will review your website’s URL structure to ensure it is optimized for search engines and provides clear hierarchies and meaningful keywords.
  • One-Time Fix – We go in and address, fix, and resolve all the technical issues with your website. We will increase the performance and indexability of your physical site.

By investing in our Technical SEO Package, you will gain valuable insights into your website’s technical strengths and weaknesses, enabling you to make informed decisions and take action to improve your search engine visibility. Don’t let technical obstacles hinder your online success—supercharge your website’s performance with our Technical SEO Audit Package today!


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